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Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Having over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, I have a true insight into the importance of quality procedures and why they are in place. Your company makes products that improve and enhance the quality of life for many people and have the potential to save thousands of lives every year. Your work has developed, produced and improved medical products and procedures that bring hope and comfort to so many patients and their families. 

I am currently in remission from acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive blood cancer. My prognosis was extremely poor but I am now fortunate to be able to speak openly and honestly about my journey. I bring authenticity and many personal examples on how I dealt with my greatest ever challenge. The need to accept change and become ever more resilient are just some of the tools that I have learned through adversity. 

The positive impact your company has on its patients is rarely shown within the industry. This is an opportunity for each of your employees to see the direct importance and value of what they do every day.  Knowing that your team make such a difference will give your business and staff that feeling of personal fulfillment and the appetite for growth. Your employees will be more committed to their job and doing their job well.