What I Learned From Facing Cancer

Lessons, Insights and Strategies to Help You Face Cancer.

This eBook will support you through what will be one of the most challenging periods of your life. A diagnosis of cancer is life changing. I wrote this eBook to simply try and make this extremely difficult time for you that little bit easier.


What Some People Have Said About the eBook

"I took a huge amount away from Paul's story. I would definitely recommend anybody facing any illness, adversity or challenge to download this".

Catherine Barrett

So honest, powerful, insightful and had me questioning some of my "so called" worries.

John McHugh


What’s Inside the eBook?

Physical Resilience

Why it is important to respect and take care of your body now, and in the future. How to unleash the inner strength required to deal with a cancer diagnosis, treatment, recovery and the many physical challenges that need to be overcome at each stage. 

The Mental War

How to prepare for the impact cancer will have on your mental health.
Understand why it is important to accept and process your thoughts and feelings. Learn the importance of self-care how to build a positive mental attitude.   

The Emotional Rollercoaster

Recognise that being vulnerable is a key strength. Learn how to be open and honest about your feelings and how to ask for support. How to calm your mind in order to make good decisions and focus on the positive aspects of your life. 

About the Author

Paul Coghlan

Paul Coghlan is a native of Westport, Co Mayo. He shares the experience of his shock medical diagnosis in 2018. Faced with an appalling prognosis, Paul unearthed character and determination he never knew existed.  

Paul has always been a keen sports man and credits a great deal of his recovery both mental and physical to his love of sport.

He has spoken to sports groups, youth organisations and businesses both in Ireland and abroad. His personality and humour allow him to speak openly and passionately about the lessons he has learnt through his adversity, making him a compelling, memorable and above all inspirational speaker. 

Lessons, Insights and Strategies to Help You Face Cancer.

What I Learned From Facing Cancer