What I learned from
facing Cancer

Paul's story is incredibly inspiring, detailing his outlook and approach to the darkest and most difficult days of his life. His emotional and thought-provoking message highlights the necessity of a positive mental attitude and to always look forward with a clear sense of purpose. He shares what he believes are the key tools to overcoming adversity, be that mental, emotional or physical, through first-hand experiences with visualisation and goal setting.

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Paul Coghlan is an inspiring speaker, passionate about promoting positivity through insightful, frank and honest talks.

Speaking Services

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Having over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, I have a true insight into the importance of quality procedures and why they are in place.

Keynote & Conference

I am currently in remission from acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive blood cancer. My prognosis was extremely poor but I am now fortunate to be able to speak openly and honestly about my journey.

Education & Sports

Sharing the lessons I have learned through this life experience can be a catalyst to others becoming more determined, resilient and accepting of life’s challenges.

Health & Wellness Speaker

My story will move and inspire your audience to reframe their obstacles as opportunities for becoming the best versions of themselves that they can be.

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About Me.

Paul Coghlan is a native of Westport, Co Mayo. He shares the experience of his shock medical diagnosis in 2018. Faced with an appalling prognosis, Paul unearthed character and determination he never knew existed.  

Paul has always been a keen sports man and credits a great deal of his recovery both mental and physical to his love of sport.

He has spoken to sports groups, youth organisations and businesses both in Ireland and abroad. His personality and humour allow him to speak openly and passionately about the lessons he has learnt through his adversity, making him a compelling, memorable and above all inspirational speaker. 

They Say

Padraic Geraghty

Senior Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland

I invited Paul to give a motivational talk to our GAA football club in London. Paul spoke to our men's and ladies teams on the importance of never giving up and always maintaining a positive attitude throughout adversity to enable you to achieve your goals. The talk had a profound effect on everybody who attended. I would highly recommend Paul to any club or organisation.

Charlotte Murray

Manager at Republic of Fitness

Paul not only has an inspiring and thought provoking story to tell but has a magical way of telling it filling you with hope and belief. Paul doesn't look for sympathy or even empathy for his story, he merely demands you to empower yourself to achieve all you dare to dream.

I dare you to walk away from Paul's presentation and not feel invincible and feel like you can achieve anything.

Aiden Corcoran

Owner & CEO Cosmetic Creations Ltd . Founder & Chairman Horizon & Team Horizon,

Paul met with both myself and my senior management team in the summer and told his story about his journey from severe illness to inspirational and life changing recovery. Paul is an inspirational speaker, one for anyone team building and looking to set priorities and then you'll get a big dose of motivation to take life by the throat. Paul is an outstanding human with a fierce love for life and a desire to fight to live it. Having overcome some serious adversity he is an amazing speaker and will be one to watch and to book should you be looking for someone to come and powerfully motivate your group into action.

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